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check by 15,000 when selling windows
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An innovative product that has no direct analogues
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NanoFiber - for your health
NanoFiber - for your health
A clear and relevant need
Clean apartment
Dust does not enter the apartment, which makes cleaning less frequent!
Against allergies
On blooming days, allergens are blown upward, spreading to all places, but they do not pass through the NanoFiber!
No smoke or smells
Smoking neighbors or a street polluted with smoke does not interfere with opening wide windows. Cigarette smoke and traffic emission will settle on the screen
Against bacteria and viruses
During periods of influenza, it is especially important both for people in an apartment and in office premises.
Protection from smog
Heavy smoke cannot penetrate nanofiber cells
No draft
You can freely open the windows without fear that the draft will blow through you or the child
Nano filtration
No analogues in quality

The size of the nanofiber is 0.05-0.1 microns, which prevents even viruses from entering the room!

The mesh size of regular anti-dust or mosquito nets is 0.25 mm, through which only large insects cannot pass.

No analogues in quality
Light Gray
Universal window filter screen
Natural reflective properties of white color in exposed to sunlight
The best filtration characteristics
Blinds effect in bright day light
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The potential market for window filters in Russia is estimated at over 350 billion rubles
Where nanofiber window screen is used
Our potential customers are all the people who have widows, i.e. all your current customers:
Housing apartment complexes, apartments, country houses and others
Health care facilities:
Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums
Educational institutions:
Schools, kindergartens, universities
Office space
Commercial facilities:
cafe, bars, restaurants
Any other building where people staying a long time
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  • Creative for web promotion in social media
  • Demonstration stands
  • Direct Selling Handouts
  • Outdoor advertising templates and promo materials
Sales department training
  • Managers who contact with clients in your office
  • Managers who work on phones
  • Preparing materials for processing objections
  • A ready-made sales script to increase the conversion of managers
Three steps
to start your sales
With a new product on the market
Conclude an agreement for the exclusive right to sell in your city
Place exhibition samples
Transfer prepared materials to managers
Certificated product
International Standard
NanoFiber has successfully passed voluntary certification and testing in Russia and South Korea
The product belongs to the category of goods not subject to mandatory certification
Our main reward is customers who noticed the difference on the very first day after installation the NanoFiber window screen and recommend us to their friends and family
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Companies such as
All our reviews from a real customers
Problem: Ecology of the city

The place where we live suits us completely, but recent years we have been worried about emissions

Problem: Fresh air

The problem of the ecology of the city is the most urgent for us. Because of this, ns constantly has a headache and cannot breathe, especially in summer.

Problem: Allergy

My personal big problem is allergies, which are acutely manifested. It was especially difficult in the morning, when the effect of the allergy medications was over.

NanoFiber: Clinic on "Mate Zalka"
Doctor rheumatologist therapist

We saw NanoFiber in the exhibition showroom and first of all decided to install it in the clinic for employees and especially for our patients

Problem: Allergies, dust

For at least another 5 years, construction will continue near the house and, of course, all this dust gets to our house, especially when the wind blows

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